The Gift of Acceptance

When I see what people can't or won't do, I am being overly critical of myself.

When I judge people or situations to be uncaring, I am feeling undervalued and under-nurtured in my own life.

When I blame people or situations for restricting my creativity, I am feeling inadequate, out of balance and unable to express myself.

When I view people as mean or bad, I am feeling "not good enough" with myself.

When I feel a need to get control of people or situations, I am unaware of my own self-punishing thoughts and feelings.

When I believe I know what others should do or not do in their own lives, I am uncertain as to what I, myself, want or need.

When I have a need for people to do right or be perfect, I am terrified of making mistakes in my own life.

When I have a need for the people around me to behave in a certain manner, I am frightened of my own power.

When I see beauty in all people, I know I am love and I extend it graciously.

When I see the intelligence and creativity in all people, I have discovered my own wisdom.

When I value and see the unique radiance of all people - even those who lash out, I have accepted myself.

Author Mary Ellen Ciganovich,
R.E.AL. Health