"REALNESS" and Why It Is Purposeful

“REALNESS” allows me to say what I really want to say without watering down what it is that is true for me.

“REALNESS” allows me to be empathetic, yet truthful with another, without being harsh or destructive.

“REALNESS” allows me to be sensitive to the person who receives my feelings.

“REALNESS” allows me to experience the feeling behind my words, actually acknowledging it exists within me. It allows me to share these feelings if I choose to do so.

“REALNESS” allows me to feel like my life has purpose.

“REALNESS” allows me to risk overcoming my fear of being hurt or rejected by others.

“REALNESS” allows me to be honest with myself and you.

“REALNESS” allows me to own my actions, thoughts and feelings.

“REALNESS” allows me to acknowledge what IS the truth for me, and it also allows me to acknowledge my own fears of being able to express it.

“REALNESS” allows me to move, through risking, if I am willing to do it.

“REALNESS” allows me to examine the fact that I am the only one who inhibits my own power when I choose to deny the truth behind my feelings.

Author Unknown