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The inspiration of the words written in this book lets you know that someone has walked the path before you and can help you find the different strengths within yourself.  You soon realize as you read each page that it took many years of searching and understanding to help bring so many attributes we each possess come to light.  This book can be easily shared with absolutely anyone, of any faith, creed or religion.  Enjoy and may you be blessed and inspired as I have.
Sheila Keizer Pogue
Second River Healthcare Press  

Life is difficult. And we have the choice to respond to the difficulties of life as a victim or as a warrior. If we choose the way of the warrior then the difficulties of life become challenges and opportunities for exploring the abundant gifts and possibilities life is always offering us.

This wonderful book of divine inspirations is about the gifts and opportunities life offers us. It is written by Mary Ellen Ciganovich, a person who has faced some very real difficulties in her life, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis among others, and has chosen to persevere as a warrior.

When I first met Mary Ellen, I saw her warrior spirit. She was radiant with life. I had invited her to speak to the Healing Words group at the Hara Foundation and even though she inspired everyone with her words, her greatest inspiration was herself. Mary Ellen is living proof that what she teaches about life and healing is true.

This book of healing words is for you. The life lessons it offers have been learned and lived by Mary Ellen. They have helped her and they can help you! Savor these wise and loving lessons. They can heal your life!
Tom  Thompson
Hara  Foundation
Southern Pines, NC

Mary Ellen Ciganovich is followed in our clinic with a history of epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. Ms. Ciganovich's positive outlook and wonderful spirit are a great inspiration. In addition, her knowledge and willingness to share has been of great help to me and I have been fortunate enough to pass on some of this information to other patients with these difficult diseases. I believe the book she has written, "Healing Words - Life Lessons to Inspire," reflects the positive attitude which she has taken towards life's difficult challenges. It is a thoughtful and sensitive book which will touch many people.
Jonathan Richmond, M.D.
Pinehurst Neurology
Pinehurst, NC